Love to dance? Can’t keep yourself away from grooving while the music is on? But confused about the career options? You are scrolling the right page. Yes, SETC is one of the leading dance academies in Kolkata that has been showing the right path to dancers like you for a long time. Previously, there was a notion that dance has got no secure future. For that, parents would never agree on taking dance as a career. But now both the thought pattern and the society have changed. Dance has become one of the best and lucrative career options. So, do not worry about your future and read along.

Career options for a dancer:

Dance teacher:

This is the most popular choice of career that a dancer can easily make. You may open your dance class and teach students all about dancing and earn money out of it. Almost every school has made the extra-curricular activity a mandate one. As a result, each school needs teachers who are well versed and skilled to tackle students and teach them to dance. For this, you need not only formal education but also practical knowledge about dance. Join SETC, the best dance institute in Kolkata, and get trained by professionals.


You may also become a choreographer and be a part of the dance industry. Not only in movies, theatres, or songs, a choreographer is needed, also in reality shows they are required. We all have witnessed how reality shows are making a good career for aspiring dancers. Just like that, you can also be a part of it and be a renowned face of television. Many dancers with their talent have sashayed the film industry, and some also have become judges in reality shows. For this, having good contacts is essential. SETC guides and helps you with the same. How? The celebrity choreographers of this dance academy in Kolkata organize workshops on different styles of dance, and they invite other guest choreographers also. You can make contact from there and impress them with your dance so that you can have a remarkable entry into the dance industry.

Dance as a therapy:

Today’s modern and fast life does not allow us to get much time for ourselves. Due to this busy schedule and especially this pandemic situation, many people are facing mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and many more. Doctors are recommending dance therapy as a treatment. Dance never fails to make us excited and fill our hearts with joy. You can become a dance therapist and save the lives of many. SETC has a vast range of various types of dance classes learning which you can become a dance therapist.

Take admission to SETC, the best dance academy in Kolkata, and shape your career in the field of dance.