We always consider dance to be an act of fun and unlimited joy. We dance when we are happy, we dance when something good happens to us, we dance when we need to cheer ourselves. But have you ever thought that dance could also be a form of discipline? Rather dance is synonymous with discipline. Without following proper discipline, one can never become a good dancer and earn fame, says a dance faculty of SETC, the best dance academy in Kolkata.
What is discipline?
It is self-mastery. Perfection does not only come out of practice and for how long you have been working on it. But perfection comes with discipline. It makes you find out your own flaws and pushes you to work on them even more till you become perfect in your own eyes. The real improvement depends on how disciplined you are and how gladly you accept criticism to become better than before.
When you keep practicing religiously in the hope of getting better results later, that’s discipline. When you delay gratification to get rewards later, that’s discipline. When you embrace your weaknesses and flaws and polish yourself more and more, that’s discipline. Dancing makes us free-spirited, and we move out of our comfort zone to dance, but dance also incorporates determination, discipline, and never give up attitude in us.

  • The dance incorporates a sense of body and mind awareness in us that helps us make decisions confidently, says an expert dancer of SETC, the best dance institute in Kolkata. We must not make decisions in a hurry as it may be wrong. We need to pay attention to the concerned topic while making any decision.

  • Dance also helps us get rid of the negativity within us. Our ego can lead us to some wrong path. Dance demolishes our entire ego and takes us back to the right path.

  • Take pride where you deserve, as it will keep you grounded and will help you praise others’ talent.

  • Practicing dance builds determination in us that helps us grow in life. If you want to become more than an average dancer, you need to have a practice routine.

  • It is okay to make mistakes. We learn from our own mistakes and get the courage to fight back. Keep practicing, make mistakes, rectify them and live your dream.

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