Ramp walk:

Ramp walk is one of the most important parts of a model’s career. All of us have seen beautiful models walking on a ramp with full confidence and grace. The child mind used to get fascinated by the aura of those supermodels and their walks. Isn’t it? I am sure many of you had dreamt of becoming a supermodel as you got inspired by those models on the television. Yes, the glamour world is not that easy to sashay as it appears on the TV or social media. There are many factors and skills that you need to learn and adapt to reach that position.
The models we see on the television or social media have worked extremely hard to look that flawless while walking on the ramp, says an expert faculty of the best modeling institute in Kolkata. SETC is a renowned modeling institute that has made the career of many aspiring models. The faculties groom the students entirely. They organize workshops on how to walk, how to face the camera, how to pose, and what not.
The flawlessness of the models while walking on a ramp does not come in a day. It takes years of practice to walk properly on the ramp. Along with practice, proper exposure and guidance play a vital role in the path to success. The glamour world may look quite simple and easy, but in reality, it involves a lot of effort to look good, confident, and perfect.


Your posture matters a lot when you are walking on the ramp flaunting the designer attire you wear. Your grace, beauty, and glamour must ooze out. It requires self-confidence and, self-determination, and belief in yourself. Your hands must swing effortlessly, and you should walk straight, but it should not look forced.


Attitude is the main key factor that makes your ramp walk look extraordinary, says an expert of a modeling institute in Kolkata. Your way of standing, your ways of walking, your way of looking at the audience and connecting to them, all these reflect your attitude. But it would be best if you keep in mind that your walk should not be completely formal and serious. It must be eye catchy and beautiful.


Take powerful strides and walk with pride. Stay on your track and try to place each foot in front of the previous one. It makes your posture look more confident and perfect. Have a seductive and sexy move when it comes to your waist and hips.


You need to make eye contact with your audience without giving priority to any. You must not be distracted and should entirely be focused on your walk. Don’t look here and there or down, as that may portray that you are less confident.
All these factors are very important to incorporate if you want to be a model. Join SETC, the leading modeling institute in Kolkata, where you will get training for all these skills, and you will be able to achieve your goals to become a supermodel.