“I have long wished to sit down with an acting coach and have a one-on-one conversation.”

Does the above-mentioned line define you? Do you wish the same? Entering a new career of an actor is never that easy and confidence is the thing you lack the most when you are going to a path never traveled before.

“Do I have it in me?”

“Am I a born actor?”

– Perhaps two of the biggest concerns you have right now as a beginner. Well, answering these two questions is not as simple as it sounds to be. Still, let’s try to crack this!

Q: “Do I Have Acting Talent? Do I Have What It Takes? 

A: We, at a reputed acting institute at Kolkata, have seen amazing talented actors who don’t intend to act to make a living but just for the love of the art itself. On the other hand, we have actors who worked hard, walked the extra miles to learn the craft, rehearsed their scripts for months and finally proved everyone wrong who labeled them as “undeserving” or “non-skilled”.

Key Point- Passion is the driving force you need within you. Oh and of course the right guidance of the most suited acting academy at Kolkata.  Trust us, everything else will just fall into place.

Therefore, the question “to do or not to do” is really a subjective goal. Basically, you get what you came for. So, decide your long-term goals in the first place.

Q: Will I Rise To Become A Household Name? 

A: Nobody (not even your acting coach) can define your talent. Your coach can give you the best kind of training but it’s YOU who decides how to serve your role best. Acting is an art and art knows no limit. Practice your craft well and then “let your creative juices flow”.

If you are a talented artist, you must walk that extra mile to improvise your scenes beyond the script and the lessons of your mentor. Great actors always come out of their comfort zones and maybe that’s when you get the taste of freedom and SUCCESS!

So by now, you must have accepted that you have what it takes. What next?

Q: How Do You Book The Job? 

A: You need a killer portfolio, to begin with. A portfolio is a stepping stone to a “perfect” audition. Contact the most suitable agency providing the services of portfolio making in Kolkata and get your best angles printed perfectly!