Are you thriving to have an acting career in theaters? Have you ever wondered what makes a great stage actor? Often the young actors search for success tips for achieving all their dreams. But very few of them actually ask for “what mistakes should I avoid?”

If you are a struggling theatre actor, how are you prepping yourself up? Are you taking the right steps to success? Or are you making the same mistakes again and again? The mentors of the best acting academy in Kolkata say that it’s frustrating how many experienced actors make so many mistakes while acting on a stage. The worst thing is that often such mistakes truly ruin their progress and set them back.

So, without further suspense, here are a few top mistakes which you should avoid if you are trying to hold a grasp on your theatre acting projects.

Not knowing how to behave

Okay, so there are lots of things to say about having a poor attitude. But for the sake of the readers, we’ll keep it simple. Showing up late on show, not maintaining a professional attitude, bothering others with your personal choices of food or something is really not appropriate.

Not being prepared while acting on stage

Always practice your lines well before acting on stage, and if you feel like you could improvise your scene on stage, try to inform your fellow-actors beforehand. Be professional, be polite and friendly and be responsible for the whole stage act.

Not accepting your mistakes and trying to carry on

Mistakes happen while you are on stage. Even the experts of the best acting institute in Kolkata agree with it. What should you do in such a case? Simple: continue the program! Unless it’s something fundamental, as if part of the stage has fallen, the audience probably won’t notice. And even if they do, if you keep going, as usual, they probably won’t mind. Don’t make mistakes or highlight them, go ahead with your flow. The best part of acting is that you are being creative, you are making art. Improvise from your mistakes. Who knows you may have the ability to improvise even better than the script?

Not focusing on what you are doing

Acting on a theatre stage is a live show. You won’t get the chance to re-take again and again. Perhaps the most important part of your acting on stage is never forgetting why you are there in the first place. The theater is the number one way to showcase your acting talent and expand the fan base. If you have ambition and goal as a band, never forget why you started.

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