Are you a born dancer? Or are you a well-learned one? You are living your dreams either way!

Dancing is an art and you should not just survive but thrive and live every minute.

Your body is your most important tool as a dancer. You tell different stories with your body by using the space around you. You can’t dance your best when your body is not feeling good and strong enough. That is why the best dance institute at Kolkata focuses on the core strength of a dancer.

Improving a Dancer’s Core Strength

Are you new to dancing or have you been practicing this craft for years now? Having the core strength to flexibly execute the dance move is the key. While improving your core strength gives you a fit and well-built contour, it also allows you to quickly change your dance moves and positions.

However, increasing your strength takes quite a time. Therefore, it is important to take one step at a time and listen to your body.

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We, at a leading dance academy in Kolkata, have outlined 3 key tips to improve a dancer’s core strength this year.

How to strengthen your core?

Though it is important to strengthen your feet and legs, dancing requires a super-strong core. Your core muscle controls much of your balance and stability. The stronger your core, the better will be your balance and fitness while you are dancing.

Practice these three core exercises mentioned below-


Do you belong to the ‘no-plank-and-no-burpees’ club? But plank can do wonders to your core, especially if you are a dancer. Even if you can hold a plank just for 20 seconds, you will feel the ‘burn’ all over your body- from your arms to your glute. Try to repeat this set three times. As you get stronger try to increase the time you are holding a plank.

Bicycle Crunch

Want toned abs? Do bicycle crunch. Want a stronger core? Do bicycle crunch. Want a fitter body? B-I-C-Y-C-L-E C-R-U-N-C-H!
It is great for tightening abs and strengthening chores. If you have joined a leading western dance institute in Kolkata, the dance instructors will train you well to strengthen your chores and fitness levels.

Cobra Pose:

We talked about plank and we can’t just talk about the front of your body without talking about your back! Cobra pose is a fantastic exercise to activate your lower back which can help you keep your hips tucked, gluteus activated, and belly pulled. Hold the cobra position at the top and count 3 before repeating the process at least 10 times.

The art of dance empowers your soul and unites the audience. When you are satisfied with your craft, you know you are living your passion.