Acting is one of the finest career options, as it not only helps to bring out your creative identity but also it brings to you fame and popularity within a short span of time. Now the question is does it happen overnight? The answer is a big ‘NO’. It involves a lot of hard work, dedication and of course a very good grooming from a reputed acting institute in Kolkata like SETC.

Reason why you should get admitted in an acting school

  • Public Speaking: Performing art like acting will always be in front of many people. So, its very important that you master the art of public speaking very well. Throwing of dialogues in front of the camera in an errorless manner needs a lot of guidance and practice.
  • Communication: A good communicator is appreciated everywhere. In acting also proper communication is absolutely vital.
  • Flexibility: The experienced people in acting classes will help you in brainstorming and make you a more flexible person by opening up your mind to new things and ideas.

  • Confidence: The mentors of the acting academy in Kolkata helps to build up your confidence in every aspect, be it in your presentation skill, communication, speech and so on.

  • Voice modulation training: Voice is a significant aspect of acting, so voice modulation training is given stress at SETC institute.

  • Team Work: Acting institution helps in establishing quality teamwork amongst the students, and a candidate learns to work with people from various backgrounds.
  • Connections: Acting classes gives you a lot of exposure to the professional world and thus helps to establish connection with the important persons of the industry.

Being one of the top – notch institutions in portfolio making in Kolkata SETC guides their pupils in such a way that they turn up to be industry ready competents. The portfolio we prepare for them is very professional and covers all the aspects of acting and modeling so that interested person can get a clear picture about the potentiality of the student. We take the utmost care of each and every student of ours and see to it that each of them gets a proper placement and can justify that acting is really a very lucrative career. This school has access to all the latest technologies and equipments for the practical learning of the students. Even we arrange for mock auditions so that students do not feel nervous while attending auditions in their real life.