Dance has always been the best exercise and there’s no debate about it. Previously, people didn’t take it seriously. Only those who wanted dance as their career joined dance classes. Others rarely danced in their drawing rooms or in parties.
Nowadays, people are taking dance quite seriously because reality shows have made career of many dancers out there. A dance academy in Kolkata called SETC is serving aspiring dancers for long. The academy has expert choreographers and faculties.

Dance and Fitness:

However, obesity is grasping the new generation in no time because of the food habit they follow. Dance can be a creative remedy for obesity. Thus, housewives, students and other interested people are joining dance academies in Kolkata to reduce extra fat. Gym demands more strength and determination. This monotonous routine life makes it hard for a person to hit the gym at the end of the day. If one takes up dance as a regular practice, he/she can easily reduce extra fat without monotony. Dance contributes to the aesthetic value in a person’s life. So, people can enjoy losing weight through dance. Dance academies in Kolkata have incorporated the concept of exercise in dance so that anyone can join. Purpose may be different but the solution is dance.
One can learn any form of dance as per personal choice:

  • Filmy
  • Bollywood
  • Hip Hop
  • Salsa
  • Locking and Poping

Dance makes people more flexible. Flexibility makes people more energetic. This not only helps one to stay fit but happy also. A happy-go-lucky person hardly sees failure in life. So, why wait to stay fit? Just contact your nearest dance academy in Kolkata and lead a healthy life.

A Brain Gym:

Creativity nowadays is missing in this new generation because they don’t need to use their mind to imagine anything. Television, internet and mobile phones have kept children apart from thinking independently. They don’t need to imagine anything anymore as they see everything. Previously, people would read and imagine which made them proficient in imagining freely. Through dance one can discover his/her creative vision also. So, dance can be a good option for both physical and mental activity. Dance can be a form of brain gym too. How someone wishes to portray his/her own feeling can be accessed through dance steps.
Scrutinizing all the facts about dance, it can be said that dance can never be a useless option. Dance has always been a source of euphoria and beauty. So, if you want to come back in your real shape or want to stay jovial, just join a dance academy in Kolkata and groove your body. Dance never deceives.