Audition is the hard nut to crack before entering into your dream world of silver screen. It is test which every actor has to appear and qualify for pursuing further his/her career. A mentor from the acting institute in Kolkata says you will only be able to taste success when you crack the audition and get a chance to perform in the role offered to you. Following a few simple steps can fetch you success.

  • A clear understanding of the role – Before you go to the audition make sure that you understand the character on which you will perform at the audition. A clear conception will keep your thought process clear and that will impact your performance.

  • Confidence at its peak- Confidence is the key to win the race amongst hundreds of actors who are striving for success.. Be relaxed, calm and confident when you are performing before the judges.

  • Be expressive- When you are coming from a reputed acting academy at Kolkata like SETC judges at the audition expect you to be expressive to a good extent. For being expressive you need to integrate with the character. Your expressions should be as the role demands.

  • Dressing Sense- Your looks and appearance should match with the character. So dress accordingly, you can even apply make-up to make yourself appear apt for the role.

  • Take a good night’s sleep- Take at least eight hours of sleep before the day of your audition. Since an actor should be conscious about his/her physical appearance, avoiding dark circles and sleeping well is.

  • Eat healthy- Make sure that you eat healthy food to stay fit not only for auditions but also in your daily life, because acting demands a lot of hard work.

  • Enter the arena with a smiling face – A smiling face can win the hearts of many people. The saying applies here as well, your smiling face implies to other people that you are ready to face the challenges of life