Do you have a memory of your childhood days of coming across various modeling channel while surfing the T.V.? Be honest, you used to get mesmerized by the dazzling ramp walks, wouldn’t you? Ah! Those exquisite models with gorgeous long legs in those exquisite designers’ clothes. They were so full of grace that you could watch them for hours and never get bored. The grace with which they moved was so soothing. The lights, the stunned audience, the glamour of it all. Maybe you got so inspired that it became your dream to grow up and become one. I know I did.

But little did we know that to achieve that flawlessness, those models had to practice day and night for years. But practice isn’t enough, they also needed proper guidance, proper exposure to secure their foot in this glamorous world. You see, it was never that easy, never that simple. They became so good at it that they made it look easy. And that is the dream.

So, while we are talking about the importance of proper guidance, let’s have a look at some tips shared by a famous modeling institute in Kolkata.

Its all about the attitude

More than anything else, modeling needs the right kind of attitude. Your body should be screaming confidence, your eyes should be steady and commanding. Yet the walk shouldn’t be too serious and formal. It should look fun and flirty. The audience loves that vibe and aura. It tends to excite them.

The right posture

Your posture should be oozing grace and beauty. Walk tall with confidence and bring a gracious amount of smoothness in your body. Your hands should fall easily on the side. They should swing effortlessly and without forced vigor.

The stride

Walk tall and proud. You should take long powerful strides. While you are walking on the ramp, try placing one foot exactly in front of the other foot. Picture yourself walking on a thin tight rope, that is how much controlled your stride should be. Your hips should have that seductive swing all the successful models are famous for.

The eyes

Have you ever seen a model walking in the ramp while looking here and there? Of course not, that would be extremely unprofessional and distracting. Focus on what is right in front of you and don’t look constantly at the audience. Do not look down while walking. According to a well-established modeling academy in Kolkata, you should try focusing on an imaginary spot right in front of you.

Just like any other profession, modeling has a lot of competition. Be it in the country or abroad, one needs to be perfect to get noticed. Therefore, keep practicing and don’t give up on your dreams.