Technology, social networking, and the pandemic have increased the demand for models who can shoot their own unique content, publish their content, and garner a social media community. Influencers are today’s vogue. Their content creation expertise, good looks, and charming personality are what fashion brands are eyeing.
Therefore, SETC, a modelling institute in Kolkata, brings tips on using social media to boost your modelling career.

Share-Worthy Content

The old days of content perfection with organized shooting in a location with upwards of five crews running in circles is not preferred under the current circumstances. With 24/7 content consumption, consumers are now looking for content that reflects the everyday experience rather than perfection.
Try incorporating your daily self into your content. Start uploading snapshots of your everyday routine. For instance, when you wake up in the morning and go into the kitchen to make a cuppa, find a good sunny spot, pull out your phone and take a selfie. Make sure that the snap is of the highest quality and post it on your social media platform of choice with a quirky or witty caption. It is small things like this that get you out there and noticed.
Show your audience your personality and interests, along with your looks. Define your unique style and showcase it through your content. Whatever you do, make your content relatable to your audience, says the modelling institute in Kolkata.

Choose Your Platform Carefully

There are several social media platforms, each with its perks and drawbacks. Therefore, before hopping on one, learn what works in each platform and what doesn’t and create your social media plan accordingly.
For instance, Instagram and YouTube are among the best platforms for models to post content. These platforms harbour the potential to let your content go viral and spark the interest of many people. However, the way you use Instagram and YouTube are a lot different and you need to plan according to what each offer. Learn more about all the platforms and take advantage of the quirks that make each site special.

Create a Posting Schedule and Stick to It!

According to SETC, an institute of modelling in Kolkata, the “when” is as important as the “where.”
Your audience gets active on social media at certain times of the day. They are likely to pull their phones out in their downtime from work and away for public holidays. Post your content and observe when it is getting more views and engagement. Make a note and try developing your posting schedule surrounding the time you noticed gave the highest engagement.

Engage Engage Engage

Most social media platforms prefer posts that elicit engagement and interaction. You cannot hope to grow as a model without talking and engaging yourself with your followers. Therefore, keep an eye on the comment section and, whenever possible, reply to comments and engage with your followers.
However, while engaging with your followers, make sure that you avoid getting into a controversial debate and be polite in your replies. Do not jump on your keyboard to spell a comeback if you see any negative comments. Assess the comment and see if it is constructive criticism from a genuine follower or an internet troll.
If you think it is the former, reply politely, think about what the comment says, and try to do better. However, refrain from getting into a debate and let it be if it is the latter. You can also delete the comment if you like, but remember not to encourage such behaviour by getting into a conversation, says SETC, an acting and modelling institute in Kolkata.


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