Are you an aspiring actor? Are you stuck in a creative block? Are you bored easily? Are you looking for a daily routine to feed your inner artist? Well, if you are, look no further.

I feel like I’ve never paid equal attention to everything in my life. It was not balanced. My love for acting seemed superficial, my training sessions did not exist, money used to stress me out. Passionate projects were driven by anxiety rather than love, and I didn’t really feel artistically satisfied.”- said an acting student. He also said he found us while searching for the best acting institute in Kolkata online.

Does that sound familiar? Do you feel the same like the acting student? Well, let’s read what he realized with the guidance of our mentors.

I realized that the daily routine was an exact thing that I had missed in my life. I have work ethic, a passion and an effort to work on it – I think I was waiting for someone to help me realize that I lack guidance. After I realized this, I started making the most out of my acting projects. It has only been possible because of the acting academy I joined.” He added further.

Just like him, you need a routine too. Here are a few tips to create a perfect daily routine for you.

  • Early To Bed, Early To Rise

The age-old saying will never go out of fashion- because it works!

Are you feeling guilty of going to bed late last night? Studies show that stretching overnight is actually harmful to your brain, mood, productivity and overall health. Staying up late is not going to be effective for your mind, creativity and ability to work hard.

The best way to avoid prolonging the night is to schedule a bedtime, turn off the lights. If you are someone who likes to get up early, say 6 o’clock, start resting at 10 p.m. and go to bed before midnight. This still gives you hours of productivity with 7 hours of sleep, which is the recommended amount of sleep an adult should have. This is what most of the mentors of the best acting academy in Kolkata suggest.

You will be amazed at the quality things you will achieve by sleeping well and getting up early.

  • Allocate time for every little task

To-do list makes an entry at this point of the blog. When you dedicate specific time frame for every single task, you don’t waste time while procrastinating. You do more and feel more successful.

As soon as you wake up, don’t go into reactive mode immediately by checking your email and social media. Let yourself wake up slowly with gentle stretches and drink plenty of fluids.

Set up 30 minutes for regular exercise. When you are an actor, you need to maintain a presentable body contour so that all roles fit you.

Turn to your biggest project of the day first. This could also be your passion project. The amazing feeling of completing your passion project before the world wakes up is an amazing feeling.

Skipping breakfast because of work is a big NO. Just set up 30 minutes for having your breakfast and don’t scroll your phone while eating. Chew and swallow properly.

Put down the phone. If possible, set up a different time for scrolling social media also.

  • Be open to try out new things

You may read it and say to yourself, “I already have a daily schedule and it works really well.”

Well, congratulations, but do you want to go one step further? Then this guide given by the acting coach of the best acting institute in Kolkata is for you.

Have you ever heard the phrase “I feel stuck”? Can you relate to it? This is because you tend to feel stuck up in your daily routine. Changing your routine every now and then often brings a fresh feel.

Try out all the above-mentioned tips given by the coaches of S-ETC Institute and don’t forget to share your success stories with us.