Almost all of us have made New Year’s Resolutions every year since we were about 10 years old.

And we have failed to keep them almost every single year.

So, why do we keep making them? And why are you probably on the same page alongside 90% of us?

If you are professional dancer, and you are reading this blog, 2021 can be your year. Follow the framework, created by the best dance academy at Kolkata, to start making dance resolutions that you will actually keep.

Reframe how you talk to yourself about resolutions

If you tell yourself that that a single missed training session means failure, you are just adding more anxiety to your life. There are times when you have a headache or you are swamped at work or you are just not feeling like rehearsing today. Therefore, before even making any resolutions, you have to drop the negative self-talk.

Use positive framing when writing down your resolutions like “I want to take out time for…”, “I want to learn more” and so on.

When you start making resolutions this way, you acknowledge that dance is something which brings joy. It should never feel like a duty.

Choose easy and broad resolutions that bring you joy 

Your resolutions must be broad enough so that you can achieve them in multiple ways. Your resolutions should be easy enough so that they don’t feel daunting. Plus they should be joyful enough so that you look forward to working on them!

For instance, a broad resolution could be “I want to dance more often”, “ I want to learn new forms of dance” and so on.

As per the best dance institute in Kolkata an easy resolution is one that lies on a path you are already pursuing. In case, if you are completely new to dancing and you have been following your mentor’s advice since the day 1 of your class. Your resolution could be – ‘I want to learn more from my mentors and co-dancers’. Keep in mind, a joyful resolution is one that brings you pleasure, and not pain, as you pursue it.

Subtract, don’t add

You have surely created a to-do list for your entire day.

  • 8 am – wake up, eat breakfast, get ready for work
  • 9 am – work until lunch
  • 12 pm – lunch break

And the list goes on!

However when you are making resolutions, you always try to suddenly add new time slots by getting up earlier, working late night or pretending there are more than 24 hours in a day.

That’s not how it works for the long-run.

Whenever you are trying to add new time slots, you are going against what you already like about your daily routine.

Instead set your priorities first and swap less important tasks with your joyful resolution. For example, you have reserved 30 minutes for browsing social media (which is lame most of the time) or taking 30 selfies (knowing that you are gonna post only one of them). Swap that time out for your joyful resolution. 

As per the best western dance institute in Kolkata making resolution is mostly about setting priorities. It will take time to fall into the new routine but remember – consistency is the key!