Want to become an actor? Here are the skills that you need to incorporate:

Being an actor is not at all an easy task. The acting world may look very simple and glamorous, but along with all the glamour, there is a lot of effort that makes one a famous actor. An actor is supposed to play different characters in different films, commercials, and plays. A talented actor can follow directions and scripts and create visual, entertaining moments for his/ her audience. SETC, a reputed acting academy in Kolkata, has famous actors as faculties, and they train aspiring actors to become profound ones.

Skills that an actor needs to have:

  • Memorize lines while acting and delivering those with accurate emotions
  • Good hold and understanding of scenes, emotions, and also acting techniques
  • Be creative else it becomes monotonous

  • The capacity and ability to engage with the audience

  • The ability to delve into the veins of a character so that it reflects in the time of acting
  • Ability to take criticism and channel it in a proper manner to act better
  • Practice scenes numerous times till it becomes perfect and eye-soothing
  • Perform live in front of a large crowd
  • Act in front of the camera with different acting techniques

Faculties of SETC train all the aspiring actors keeping all these in mind. They also try to teach the skills mentioned above to them.

Responsibilities of an actor:

There are many responsibilities that an actor carries on his shoulder. Those include:

  • Actors use the body, voice, and also language to play a character. All these need to be in sync so that the main thought behind the scene can easily catch the audience’s attention.
  • Actors need to express a particular character through various behavioral expressions, activities, and movements. While playing a different character, the whole acting strategy needs to be changed, and the actor needs to unlearn the previous one to dive into the new character with new expressions and movements.

  • Actors are expected to create a reaction in the audience, says a faculty of the most reputed acting academy in Kolkata. Actors at times need to do well with improvisational work, and also, at times, they need to follow the script. So, actors need to be flexible enough.

Other than all these skills and responsibilities, actors need to be ready for impromptu sessions as in most cases, aspiring actors are examined on the basis of impromptu sessions in auditions. It’s always advisable to get admitted to the best acting institute in Kolkata and take formal training. This training will make you more confident and allow you to enter new genres of acting to know your own USP.