Are you suffering from acute depression? Has sadness engulfed your life completely? Choose a song, click on the play button, feel the beat and groove your body.
Depression has always been an alarming issue for the world. Both men and women get affected, and as a result, sadness, mood swings, and anxiety prevail over their lives. It takes away all your happiness, energy, and motivation. As a result, you suffer from some void feeling that breaks you from the inside. This pandemic has made depression a part of almost everybody’s life. Doctors that take care of your mental health advise joining a dance institute in Kolkata. Dance helps you uplift your mood, remain lively, and stay focused. It’s not that you always need to learn to dance properly and win a dance reality show. Dance is a therapy that keeps you euphoric and motivated. SETC is one of the best dance academies in Kolkata that you may opt for.

Dance is the messiah:
We all know that dance is the best exercise. It keeps your body in shape and your mind in sync. So, dance can actually be a remedy for uplifting your mental health, especially during this pandemic situation when we are not even in a condition to meet our favourite people and hang out. Play your favourite music and start dancing; this will help you add fun to your daily exercise routine. When you play the music, your mind instantly connects to the tempo or rhythm of it. If the music has a faster tempo, it either makes you dance directly or makes you feel like dancing. So, do not stop yourself and dance for yourself. You may search for the best dance academy in Kolkata and get formal training also. Now, you may ask that what extra will happen if you join a dance class. You will be able to meet new faces and connect to them. This initiative will contribute to your need for human interaction. Thus, you will be able to keep away your depression and smile without effort.
Dance acts as a therapy also. People have lost hope due to the covid-19 situation, and according to experts, dance can burn out not only your extra pounds that you have added on staying at home but also your hopelessness. Dance never deceives and makes you feel good about yourself, and it leads to self-pampering. You just need to find some good music of happy tone and dance along. You will be distracted from this grim reality and the entire melancholic situation for the time being. The dance will give you a chance to regain your confidence and will teach you to cope with the situation.
So, what are you waiting for? Throw your depression in a dustbin and live life, keeping your grief aside. Dance for yourself, dance for others, and dance for the sake of dance, motivates a choreographer cum faculty of SETC, the best dance academy in Kolkata.