Dance has always been the best exercise to keep our bodies in sync. Our body has a major complex mechanism that demands activeness. Doctors always advise us to remain active and do exercises every day. Dance is such an exercise that everyone enjoys in a way or the other. Dancing brings a smile to our faces and also helps us improve our mental health. A faculty of a dance institute based in Kolkata says that dance gets our muscles and mind work, and as a result, we feel more energetic.

Dance increases strength and overall health:

As dance is considered to be the best way to keep our body active, naturally, it assists in strengthening our bones and muscles. The strength makes us feel more enthusiastic and energetic. Dance can prevent serious health issues from occurring, such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. It also helps reduce the risk of having osteoporosis as dance makes our bones stronger.

Dance also boosts memory:

When we exercise, the chemicals of our brain that encourage the growth of nerve cells increase, and as dancing requires us to remember various steps and sequences, it also boosts our memory. A professional dancer of SETC, the best dance academy in Kolkata, says that dance engages many brain functions simultaneously. Those include rational, musical, emotional, and kinesthetic involvement. Utilizing all these at once can increase our neural activity, and in this way, dance helps us reduce the risk of many serious mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, etc.

Dance improves flexibility:

Every professional dancer focuses on stretching before and after dancing, as it is essential to avoid any injury during the performance. Stretching helps loosen up our muscles, and that helps not only dancers but also others to keep their body more active. Dance improves our metabolism, and it makes us more flexible. Stretching is very important because it helps us incorporate a wider range of motions into dance, as said by a well-known faculty of SETC.

Dance reduces stress:

When we dance, our body fully focuses on the music and our surroundings. Dance works as a stress-reliever. The hormone called cortisol is associated with our stress. While dancing, we live the moment, and in this way, dance helps reduce the production of cortisol in our brain and manages to balance our stress levels.

Dance helps in weight loss:

Dance utilizes multiple muscles at once, and that helps tone our entire body. Dance is the best way to reduce weight enjoyably. Studies say that dance is as effective as cycling or jogging. Our eating habits also may change as we feel healthier, and in this way, dance helps us reduce our extra weight and look better.

Dance defeats depression:

Dance is used as a therapy nowadays to reduce our depression. According to a faculty of a dance institute in Kolkata, there are many students who come to learn dance not only because they love to dance but also because their doctors have advised them to dance so that they are capable of managing their depression.

Dance has always done well for people and has spread positivity to lead a happier and healthier life.