Do you want to become the next supermodel? Want to see yourself on the cover page of fashion magazines? Here is a complete guide that covers all that you need to know before getting into the glamour world. Those days are gone when aspirants had to depend on their luck and wait to get spotted. It requires a lot of effort to become a model. Patience, discipline, hard work, and perseverance are required to reach the destination. SETC, a famous modeling institute in Kolkata, has made the future of many aspiring models. The faculties train and groom the students with full attention. A proper plan to prepare yourself strategically is the first step towards your successful career.

Types of modeling – categories:

Runway models:

Models who take part in runway shows are called runway models. They need to change their makeup and clothes quickly in between the shows. They showcase fashion accessories and clothes designed by fashion designers during their walk on the ramp. It requires self-confidence to reflect on their body language while walking on the ramp.

Fitness models:

A fitness model needs to have a well-maintained body and toned muscles. They have less fat but more weight because of their muscles. Fashion magazines use their pictures, and some of them become fitness trainers also. They take part in fitness competitions too.

Glamour models:

Models with sexual appeal and beauty become glamour models. They always need to take care of their beauty. These models are seen in lingerie advertisements, calendars, and music videos.

Promotional models:

Physically attractive models often directly interact with customers about a product or a service. These models are called promotional models. They can be seen in events, shopping malls, and trade shows, etc.


SETC, the modeling institute in Kolkata, trains aspiring models to pose in front of the camera. Renowned model faculties teach how to give expressions in different kinds of shoots. They groom the aspirants to walk on the ramp with proper body language.
We all know that practice makes a person perfect, and SETC faculties emphasize on practice. They advise students to pose in front f the mirror, go through biographies and pictures of models so that students can assess themselves.

A killer portfolio:

It is essential to have a beautiful portfolio to showcase your beauty and confidence. SETC is also famous for portfolio-making in Kolkata. The institution has renowned photographers who capture photographs of aspiring models and also teach the poses in which one may look the best. Many students have already stepped into the glamour world, showing their lovely portfolios and skills.

Embrace rejection:

The modeling industry does not have any particular criteria. One may feel you are the best fitted to showcase his/her product, and one may find you incompetent. You need to be positive and embrace rejection. A rejection doesn’t mean the end of your career in modeling; you need to remain focused and be patient and wait for your turn. Keep challenging yourself, and keep up the hard work.