Every one of us is an inherent dancer. When the beat drops, our shoulder grooves, clearly depicting our capacity for rhythm. However, some move like Michael Jackson while others kick our heels like the “beat deaf” chandler.

SETC, a dance academy in Kolkata, celebrates our inherent need for grooving and believes that every kid should learn the art of dancing. Dancing is not just about precision; it’s also about the experience. Here is a list of all the benefits of dancing that extend far beyond performing specific steps to the beat.

Benefits of Dancing

  • Overall Wellbeing – Dancing for children is a fun and creative outlet for their emotions that help them feel better and makes them active. Studies have proven that dancing can improve mood and help with anxiety and depression, which can affect children.

  • Health benefits – Dancing improves health. It builds strong and healthy muscles and makes children’s natural activeness purposeful and beneficial. It helps them develop their motor skills, understand how their bodies work, and push themselves positively.

    Other health benefits include:

    • Improved heart and lung condition
    • Better endurance
    • Enhanced fitness and flexibility.
    • Improved agility and coordination
    • Improved spatial awareness

  • Social Improvements – Dancing allows kids to socialize. The need for socialization is fundamental to our being; however, it does not come easy. Similarly, some kids also have a hard time communicating and making friends with their peers. Dancing classes provide kids with a shared interest to talk about and improve their social skills. Kids also understand the importance of teamwork and learn how to work in a group environment.

  • Improves Self-confidence – All of the above factors add together and significantly impact children’s self-confidence, says SETC, a dancing and acting institute in Kolkata. Children’s skills in a dance class become a part of their lives and remain so long after they have stopped dancing. Once learned, grooving becomes a habit.

Give your children the gift of rhythm. Sign up for SETC, the best dancing and modelling institute in Kolkata.