Dancing makes your brain glow

Did you know dancing can make you smart? Not only that, the rhythmic movement of your arms and legs to your favorite beats reduces the risk of mental disabilities. But, how does dancing improve your brain function?
SETC, the best dance academy in Kolkata, explains how dancing can make your brain glow.

Dancing & Cognitive Memory

Dancing keeps your brain active and helps make new neural networks. The more complex the neural synapses get, the better will be your memory. Learning or creating anything new, from choreography to a dance routine, effectively forms new neural pathways. These new pathways make it easier for your brain to access stored information and memories, such as names and places.
Dance has also been found to have a positive effect on children’s cognitive development.

Dancing & Muscle Memory

Dance is an art form that requires harmony of both physical and mental aspects. For instance, to dance to your favorite beats, you require stamina and strength to physically exert yourself to make the moves. You also need a good memory to recall the choreography. Muscle memory is the link between the physical and mental components. Creating a routine and walking through the movements is an effective method of learning the choreography. After some practice, the movements become fluid and you do not need to think before doing the moves.

Dancing & Depression

Dancing releases endorphins, a chemical that gives you a “runner’s high” after working out. Dancing may even have a more substantial effect on the mind as moving your body to great music is enough to lift your spirits. Studies have shown that emotional expressions through body movements can help alleviate symptoms and reduce levels of depression.

Dancing & Dementia

Researchers have noticed that dancing has a significant impact in reducing the risk of dementia in old age by 76 percent. Dancing is proven to be even better for maintaining mental clarity than cognitive activities such as reading or solving crosswords. Dancing can also reduce the risk of other neurological diseases like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy.

Dancing Helps Combat Dizziness

If you are prone to dizziness, dancing can help. Research suggests that ballet dancers’ through years of training, become resistant to feeling dizzy. They gain the ability to suppress the signals from the balance organs in the inner ear linked to the cerebellum. Therefore, if you have balance issues, signing up for a dance academy in Kolkata can help you cope with dizziness.

Join us on the floor

SETC, the best dancing and acting institute in Kolkata, believe that dancing is not about perfecting every move to an inch and performing on grand stages. It is an art form created to reflect your emotional constitution and help you communicate your feelings to the world. Join us on the floor and see how dance can enlighten your mind.