When a person wants to become an actor, he needs to first crack the auditions to be a part of any ad commercial, or daily soap, web series or movie. But is this the first step to become an actor? A faculty of SETC, a famous acting institute in West Bengal, explained the steps one by one that will take you close to your dream of becoming an actor.


If you are an aspiring actor and have been practicing and polishing your acting skills in front of the mirror for a long time, SETC, the best acting institute in West Bengal, is your next destination. Formal training is essential when you opt for the acting industry. In SETC, students are provided with practical training and taught all the nitty-gritty of acting. The teachers who are associated with SETC are renowned faces of the Bengali film industry. They teach students how to delve into the character, how to have the right accent, how to deliver appropriate dialogues with proper expressions, how to face the camera and how one should change his body language with every different character he has been chosen for. SETC, the best acting institute in West Bengal, also organizes workshops where guest faculties come and share their part of the story to inspire the aspiring actors and give them tips on how to be prompt while acting and many more.


The word audition itself creates butterflies in the stomach of aspiring actors as that is where your acting skill gets evaluated. Thus the preparation must be better than ever when you go for an audition. The casting director and team may also ask you to show your portfolio, so it has to be different from others. Isn’t it? SETC also has a department of portfolio making in Kolkata. If you are a student of SETC, you can easily avail yourself of this facility and get the opportunity to get clicked by one of the most promising photographers in the city. The photographer also teaches you how to pose in front of the camera and will also bring out your best angles to make you look ravishing.
In an audition, usually, you get a script and you are asked to enact that scene instantly. So, how are you supposed to do it without being nervous? An expert faculty of the famous acting institute in West Bengal explains how you can cope with the situation and give a mind-blowing performance. First, go through the whole script quickly and keep on highlighting the dialogues you think you can deliver the best. In an audition first take is the last take, which means you don’t get a second chance. So, feel the raw emotion and enact with all your heart. You can’t be average; keep this in mind, you have to steal the show within those few minutes that you get.