“How can I become more flexible?”

“What are the best stretching exercises?”

Dancers all over the world are continuously finding answers to these questions. There are so many dance myths doing the rounds and every dancer should be careful about which is right and which is wrong.

Have you been stretching and risking your safety?

Overstretching, ballistic stretching, pushing into stenches and partner stretching – each of them carries a certain risk of tearing the ligaments and damaging the muscles.

Therefore, working smarter, not harder will be the key to unlocking your maximum range.

The mind-body connection matters –

When you are able to influence the constant message from your brain that is instructing your muscles to contract, you are able to achieve greater mobility.

Get the best training on stretching!

The best dance institute in Kolkata teaches you how to treat your flexibility the right way. You will be getting a hands-on experience on how to discover your actual ranges of mobility. Flexibility doesn’t depend only on your muscles – it is linked with lots of factors like joint position, body contour, facial tension, BREATH, postural habits, and even the way you are feeling while stretching.

How to prevent hamstring tear while stretching? 

Just about every dancer struggles with this part at some point.  The worst thing happens when you feel a deep tearing pain right at your hamstrings while you are stretching away.

 So, how to prevent it? 

Don’t sit in long sustained stretches when you are not dancing. For example, there are times, especially during the holiday period – dancers spend more time stretching than actually dancing.  Does it sound familiar? There are many ways to avoid this injury and here are a few important things you can do to prevent this.

Don’t do long stretches right before you start dancing 

When you are sitting into a stretch for a sustained period of time, your muscle has been on a long stretch and the muscle fibers will not be able to generate as much force as normal for about 20-30 minutes after you have stretched.

Do train your hamstrings in extended positions 

Very few dancers think of strengthening their hamstrings. As per the experts of the best dance academy of Kolkata stretch your hamstrings when you are not dancing afterward. Just make sure you are not overstretching. Your dance teacher will be the one to guide you throughout your stretching process.

What are the risks of overstretching? 

  • Ligament tears
  • Stress fractures
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Damaging of the hip socket
  • Higher risk of developing arthritis

We, at the best western dance institute in Kolkata, hope this article makes sense. If you still have any doubts about stretching, contact the experts of S-ETC Institute, Kolkata.