Want to become an actor? It is neither an easy task nor it is rocket science. Your acting career path has many steps. You need to grasp your opportunity and this chance is in your hand. You need to know how to start and how to proceed. To be very frank, there are no key rules to become an actor. Budding actors fail just because they don’t have anyone to guide them. A renowned actor who is also a faculty of SETC, a famous acting academy in Kolkata, vastly discussed the preliminary necessary steps to become an actor.

Read about acting and actors:

If you are keenly interested to become an actor, start reading about different types of acting methods. Don’t forget to read about actors and their life, this will motivate and guide you to pursue this career. While reading you will get to know about your special skills and shortcomings too. What kind of failures they faced and how they dealt with it and said the show must go on, will inspire you and give you strength to face failure.

Take admission in a good acting institution:

SETC brings out the good in you and makes you aware of your USP. How to promote yourself and how to connect with people are very important for an aspiring actor to know. All these are covered in the syllabus of a good acting academy. Classes will teach you different methods of acting, different approaches for playing different characters, how to deliver dialogues convincingly. The acting academy in Kolkata also teaches how to face failure and still dream of a better tomorrow. All the successful actors have seen numerous failures in life but didn’t lose hope or give up on their careers. They went for auditions every day and finally got a chance. You also need to gain the courage to embrace failure and keep up your hard work.

Work on your USP:

A person needs many qualities to become successful as an actor. So, before running after the qualities that you need to have, ask yourself about the special skills that you already have. Along with the new things that you learn, don’t forget to polish the special skills that make you different from others.

Practice more to bring perfection:

The much you practice the more you polish your acting skills. Facing the camera is very important. People, towards the beginning, become camera conscious and this makes them tensed in front of the camera. Only practice is the option to get rid of this fear and feel confident on-screen. SETC, one of the leading acting institutes in Kolkata focuses on the growth of an actor as a whole. The faculties explain all the nitty-gritty of acting to students. They act and deliver dialogues to make the students understand how to get into the character. If you can’t imagine yourself to be the character you are playing, you can never express to impress.