Probably, it is.

Do you know what is the common thing most of the dancers complaint about?

  • ‘When I was pursuing dance at the Dance institute at Kolkata I didn’t take chances. I used to focus on perfection too much and whenever any new opportunity came along my way, I thought I was ‘imperfect’ and ‘unready’ for the opportunity. Mostly, I was afraid of embarrassing myself. Also, I wanted things to be as close to perfection as possible before their debut.’

Can you relate to it? Do you happen to be the same when it comes to dancing? After a few years, while looking back, you will feel that it hurt you much more than helped. Don’t be the one to progress slowly and not gaining the necessary confidence required for thriving in your dancing career.

Mistakes are actually a gift in disguise 

Have you been panicking throughout your dancing career about making a mistake? Mistakes actually help you to learn incredible things. You might make a new discovery while making a mistake. You might find out a certain step that works for you.

Taking imperfect action is going to push you forward. Of course, you should aim for excellence but remember that when you put yourself out there and then try, incredible things happen and new doors open.

The same logic works for food and your body goals as well 

Do you always try to make the perfect choices when it comes to eating right? As per the instructor of the dance academy at Kolkata, have you been aiming at eating healthy food only? As a result, you end up cutting down the treats and sweets you love.

Then when you get around those tempting treats, for instance at the weekends, at holidays or any other functions you feel super uncomfortable or you just crave for those foods like anything!

The key is to strike out the perfect balance between what you like and how much should you control your food intake. You can even consult a professional dietician if you want.

The pressure of auditions is real 

When the audition season is near being perfect becomes even more important and you become even more conscious about your performance. Keep in mind, you will make mistakes. Even the best dancers make mistakes. In fact, there is beauty in a mistake too if you can ace that gracefully. It’s how you respond to your mistakes which make the difference.

“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word” – said the famous writer, Margaret Atwood.

If you are always caught up looking for what’s ‘wrong’ you miss the opportunity to feel freedom while you are dancing. There are always things to work on and improve upon. That is the beauty of any artistic field you are in. It works especially when you are a dancer.

Are you feeling stuck in the pursuit of your perfection? It’s high time you ask yourself some questions. Is your pursuit taking you forward in a positive way?  As per the best dance academy in Kolkata  a dancer’s urge to learn more, explore more and upgrade more is nothing but a positive sign to proceed further. But it shouldn’t be a speed breaker or road blockage. There is a difference between an urge to perfection and an obsession over perfection. You have to draw the line very wisely.

If you are a student of a reputed dance class, you can always seek outside support to release your obsession with being perfect. Use the prompts as a jumping off point. Strike a balance between your body, food and your dance pursuits and find your freedom and joy.

Release your obsession of being perfect and it will put you in the driver’s seat

When you let go of your constant need to become perfect, it’s empowering. You are in total control of your life and you won’t feel compelled to work hard and by anyone but yourself. Embrace your imperfection and mould it into a graceful gift.  A reputed western dance academy in Kolkata says the more you accept yourself as you are, the more your confidence grows.