Dance- An art:

For centuries, dance is presented as a portrayal of human emotions. Dance is an art that adds happiness to people’s lives. Previously, dance was meant to be a way of communicating with others and was found in celebrations. Now, dance is everywhere and not only in shows or theaters. Dance has become the voice of many. This is found in schools, media, and also in flash mobs. Dance is the best way through which you can reside in people’s hearts. Dance can express emotions and also it can convey messages to the targeted audience. SETC is one of the leading dance academies in Kolkata which shapes you as a dancer and teaches you every bit of it. Audiences can read your emotions and can relate to them when you perform on stage.

Choreograph to express:

Leading choreographers say that dance uses our body as an instrument. Long ago, a dance performance was choreographed based on the demand of the audience. Modern dancers and choreographers changed the notion and now, performance is choreographed based on the theme or topic that they want the audience to think about. When you groove on stage, the audience observes both your dance and body language. A faculty of a dance institution in Kolkata says that a dancer’s responsibility is not to entertain only but to convey social messages through his/her performance. Dance is a powerful weapon to change the prejudices of society and thus, it’s a dancer’s duty to use it and educate people of the society.

Dance and career:

The modern world has witnessed a hike in the career graph of dancers. People have come out of myths like dance has got nothing to do with career or so. Reality shows and dance academies have come up with various opportunities for dancers and it’s quite visible. Dance is used as a therapy to keep people happy in today’s world. Many people have forgotten to smile due to their circumstances. Dance fills your life with joy. Dancers believe in sharing joy, so, they dance and make people dance to uplift their mood. Euphoria can be synonymous with dance. SETC, the dance academy based in Kolkata has made careers of many aspiring dancers and now, they are doing really good in their life. Some have become choreographers in the film industry, some have become groomers in different academies, and some dancers have such expressiveness that they have entered into the world of movies. Some are helping the society through dance therapy.


If you love to dance and want to turn your passion into a profession, then it’s a perfect time. But yes, you need to learn how to express feelings through your dance. Get into a good dance academy in Kolkata and learn from renowned dancers and choreographers. They will not only teach you to dance but also they will teach you how to express yourself through dance.