We from the outer world think that actors have such an easy life and they have been endowed with such a blissful life by the almighty. But the reality is completely different. Actors do not come to this world with such a beautiful life; they need to make it happen with all their efforts. After they achieve the life they want, they need to keep challenging themselves every now and then to keep up with their fans’ expectations. Actors experiment with their genre and acting skill each time they become popular, not to be outdated and to remain in the limelight, says an actor cum faculty who has been associated with SETC, the best acting academy in Kolkata for a long time.

Things you must be knowing if you are an aspiring actor

An actor comes with one body and one voice. But he/ she is expected to fit in all the roles and for that, the actor needs to acquire the quality of both water and fire, says the faculty of SETC, the famous acting institute in Kolkata. Now, you may ask how someone can have both the qualities of water and fire. Water has the capacity to take the shape of any vessel it has been kept in. Like that, an actor needs to bend, make and break himself for each character he plays. His voice modulation, facial expression, gesture, accent, pitch, etc. must be accurate for the character he is playing at that time. Flexibility is the key to have such versatility. Now, what qualities of fire an actor needs to have? When you look at the fire, your eyes become blurry for other sites around it. An actor needs to have such an aura on-screen that other characters get fade away in front of him. And this is how you win the heart of the audience. If you are an aspiring actor, you need to remember that you have to become an all-rounder and have control over your skills.

Skills an actor must acquire

SETC is one of the best acting academies in Kolkata that nourishes and polishes the skills of an aspiring actor to make him/ her become a big shot in the acting industry. The skills are as follows:

Timing- An actor’s acting skill is reflected when he/ she acts in the right way at the right timing. Suppose, in one shot, you have to make your audience smile and right after that, you have to make your audience cry with your acting. You can’t say that the transition will require time when you are on stage or in front of the camera.

A proper sense of acting style– An actor learns every day. The actor inside a human being dies the day he/ she denies evolving any longer. The proper sense of acting not only comes with watching good movies but also with reading books. Books make you imagine as an actor and as a result, you develop your sense of how the character needs to be played.

Focus- You must stay focused no matter what and make the show go on. You need to have control over your emotions and act according to the plot’s demand.

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